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(usagi-users 02511) compilation problems with 2.6 usagi snaps

hi to everybody. i have problems compiling the last two usagi snap kits
for linux 2.6. while doing "make bzImage" i always get:

  CC      init/version.o
  LD      init/built-in.o
  LD      .tmp_vmlinux1
net/built-in.o(.text+0x57e7b): In function `xfrm_check_output':
: undefined reference to `xfrm6_tunnel_check_size'
make: *** [.tmp_vmlinux1] Error 1

i suppose it is just a silly configuration problem, but i haven't been
able to find out where is the problem, yet.

any suggestions?

p.s.: i have included in attachment my config file.

Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem...

Mauro Tortonesi                 mtortonesi@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Deep Space 6 - IPv6 with Linux  http://www.deepspace6.net
Ferrara Linux User Group        http://www.ferrara.linux.it

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