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(usagi-users 04087) MIGRATE/KMADDRESS support available in strongSwan


I just noticed I forgot to CC: usagi-users in my post on ipsec, mext and
mobopts IETF ML:

> just a quick note for those interested by the topic. Andreas Steffen and
> Martin Willi have added support for MIGRATE/KMADDRESS in strongSwan
> IKEv2 daemon (Charon) as specified in [1].
>> - Mobile IPv6 support
>>   -------------------
>>   Basic Mobile IPv6 support has been introduced, securing Binding Update
>>   messages as well as tunneled traffic between Mobile Node and Home
>>   Agent. The installpolicy=no option allows peaceful cooperation with
>>   a dominant mip6d daemon and the new type=transport_proxy implements
>>   the special MIPv6 IPsec transport proxy mode where the IKEv2 daemon
>>   uses the Care-of-Address but the IPsec SA is set up for the Home
>>   Address.
>>   http://wiki.strongswan.org/wiki/MobileIPv6
>>   Fully supports migration of Mobile IPv6 connections making use of the
>>   KMADDRESS field contained in XFRM_MSG_MIGRATE messages sent by the
>>   mip6d daemon via the Linux 2.6.28 (or appropriately patched) kernel.
> Addition of support in racoon (IKEv1) daemon is ongoing. I will post a
> quick note on the list when it is completed.
> Cheers,
> a+
> [1] http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ebalard-mext-pfkey-enhanced-migrate-00
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